Brand Story

Because of persistence, Kangni Smart keeps continuous remodeling; because of the professional, Kangni Smart keeps  continuous breakthrough; because of sincerity, Kangni Smart continues to improve.

Kangni Smart offers not only products, but also the force that go along with users.

Look forward to grasp the future - free travel, for which ordinary people have long been accustomed to, but for special groups, is an extravagant hope. Conventional assistive products can only meet the basic needs of their movement, while the high price of the imported high-end functional assistive products is prohibitive. In 2014, Kangni Smart team, guided by human care and relying on the advantages of the national enterprise technology center of Kangni Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd., set out to make the life of special groups freer and simpler and started the continuous research and development for four years, with a persistent belief in the product. During this period, 18 invention patents and 22 utility model patents were applied to produce high-quality products. Kangni Smart has embarked on a new journey to explore the field of intelligent rehabilitation products.                   

Adhering to the faith with strength -- inherit the spirit of craftsman in China Intelligent Manufacturing, with strong manufacturing strength, Kangni Smart keeps improving intelligently and creates excellent product quality. Products with multiple functions enable users to enjoy intelligent and pleasant life experience. The whole process of intimate service and meticulous care accompany users to face the challenges of life and to reach freedom and their dream.

Starting from the needs and experience of users, customizing exclusive products for users, and devoting to the realization of a better life, Kangni Smart has won constant public praises. The 3C declaration (Care, Company, Confidence) of Kangni Smart brand is more powerful on the ideal journey.

Kangni Smart assist users with technology to create a dream life for them.


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