Rehacare&Orthopedic China (Guangzhou) 2020

Kangni Smart will be present on the Rehacare&Orthopedic China (Guangzhou) 2020 Exhibition in Guangzhou, which is going to be taken place during 4th Sep., 2020 ~6th Sep., 2020, at Hall 15.3

Kangni Smart and the 14th China Senior Citizen Exposition

Kangni Smart will join 14th CSCE, we will take KS1 full funtion wheelchairs to show seat lift up function, to let visitors especially seniors get close to intellgient electric wheelchair.

Meet us on 2019 CHITEC Exhibition

Kangni Smart will join China Beijing International High-Tech Expo in Oct 2019, KS1 full function electric wheelchairs will be demonstrated to visitors from home and aboard, aslo, the new product folding power wheelchair will make the debut there .

KS1 power wheelchair in MEH show

On 11th July 2019, the 25th Shanghai International Medical Devices Exhibition opened on a sunny day, many well-known companies from the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Japan and South Korea are all taking part in this exhibition, which showcases the typical products in the field of products for the disabled and the elderly. Kangni Smart participated in the exhibition with KS1 power wheelchair actively, showing a series of smart power wheelchairs, successfully attracted a large number of spectators from home and aboard.

Kangni Smart Joined CIAPE 2019

the 39th China(Changzhou) International Assistive Products and International Welfare Machine Expo opened with great success. The expo invited exhibitors from the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany,

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